Moving the United States “Forward”
A new political party was recently announced. Can it grow and succeed?

Moving the United States “Forward”

Since 1796, most American voters have cast their ballots for either a Republican or Democrat. On Wednesday, July 27, 2022, some former Republican and Democratic leaders announced their intention to create a new party, which they are calling Forward. They say that a January 2021 Gallup poll showed that 62 percent of the people asked said a third party was needed. Gallup data indicates that the need for a third party has held around 60 percent for the last decade. Here, Election Central takes a closer look at this new party, what it stands for, and why its leaders believe it will succeed. 

What is Forward? 

Forward will be co-chaired by Andrew Yang, a former Democratic presidential candidate, and Christine Todd Whitman, the former Republican governor of New Jersey. It will include people from both ends of the political spectrum. Third parties such as the Green and Libertarian parties exist, but Forward believes it will be more successful because it is ideologically diverse. It aims to include conservatives, liberals, moderates, and everyone in between.  

You can learn more about the Forward Party by visiting its website: 

Forward’s Belief in Common Ground 

How can one party contain both liberals and conservatives? Forward’s leaders say that they believe most Americans want the same fundamental things and have the same fundamental values. They list the importance of a strong economy and a trustworthy, effective government that gives every American a say as two examples. Forward’s hope is that this common ground will outweigh political differences. Its motto is “Not Left. Not Right. Forward.” 

What’s Next?  

Forward is starting with a budget of about $5 million and a grassroots membership of hundreds of thousands. Forward leaders will begin holding events in cities across the U.S. to help spread the word about the new party and begin to build membership. At this point, the party doesn’t yet have an official platform. With the 2024 presidential election approaching, political analysts have asked if Forward will put forward a presidential candidate. But the answer is, probably not. Instead, efforts are currently focused on building a Forward party in every state, with party registration and ballot access in at least thirty states by the end of 2023 and in all fifty states by late 2024. Its goal (for now) will be to run candidates in local and state-level races. 

Dig Deeper Some well-known, recent third parties include the Libertarian party and the Green party. Choose one of these (or another popular third party) and write a paragraph describing that party’s platform. Do you think the Forward party will be more or less successful than the party you’ve described? Why?