Poll Workers Needed!
Voters registering at polling place
15 Sep
Written by ecadmin

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If you’ve ever accompanied adults to the polls on Election Day, you’ve probably noticed the people who work there. These volunteers play a Read more…

Run for Office . . . With an App
The company in charge of Snapchat is trying to use its app to encourage young politicians.
20 Oct
Written by Valerie Cumming

Run for Office . . . With an App »

Have you ever thought about running for political office someday? There are fewer young people who serve as elected officials. As of a Read more…

Voting by Phone
Would you vote by mobile phone using the internet?
12 Oct
Written by Valerie Cumming

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In July 2021, Amazon founder and multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos made news for self-funding an eleven-minute trip into outer space. That trip cost Bezos Read more…

2021 Election Updates
Vote Place Sign At Election Place Or Booth; Shutterstock ID 1772910068; PO: 20Aug-MHHE 2; Job: MHHE 2
16 Jul
Written by Valerie Cumming

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Critical and exciting political races are happening around the country. These elections could shift the current political makeup of Congress and shed light Read more…

A New Way to Vote?
Learn more about ranked choice voting in this week's Election Central post. Credit: Andy Sacks/The Image Bank/Getty Images
30 Jun
Written by Valerie Cumming

A New Way to Vote? »

How would you describe the typical method for voting? Voters cast ballots for their preferred candidate and the candidate with the most votes Read more…

Biden’s Running Mate?
Grover Cleveland, Thomas A. Hendricks, the democratic candidates for president in 1884, with portraits of Jefferson, Washington, and Jackson.
13 May
Written by Valerie Cumming

Biden’s Running Mate? »


Imagine that you are Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president. Aside from having to figure out how to run a presidential Read more…

The Science of Victory
Some scientists are getting more involved in politics. But they need help to be more effective.
19 Jul
Written by Valerie Cumming

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Scientists and the regulators in the federal government often seem to be at odds with each other. President Trump, for example, has questioned the Read more…

Republicans Not Seeking Reelection
Credit: Jonathan Larsen/ iStockphoto/Getty Images
23 Jan
Written by Valerie Cumming

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When Republican Representative Darrell Issa of California announced last week that he would not be seeking re-election in November, he was responsible for Read more…

Roy Moore and #MeToo
United States Capitol Building
20 Nov
Written by Valerie Cumming

Roy Moore and #MeToo »


Back in October, Election Central brought you the story of Roy Moore’s victory over “Big Luther” Strange in the contentious Republican primary Read more…

Voter ID Laws: Combating Fraud or Suppressing Voters?
Credit: ©Hill Street Studios/Blend Images LLC/Glow Images
11 Nov
Written by Lia Eastep

Voter ID Laws: Combating Fraud or Suppressing Voters? »

In September, btw brought you news of a court battle raging in Texas over a “voter ID” law. While these Read more…